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Region 21 Golden West

Website Design


Region 21 Golden West is a part of Sweet Adelines International, representing New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and Hawaii. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to musical education and exists to elevate the artform of women's 4-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style, with a worldwide membership of nearly 21,000 singers. This highly competitive region needed to reimagine their web presence to effectively promote and support member resources, annual competitions for choruses and quartets, educational events, coaching and back-of-house administration like billing and directories.


Region 21 needed an updated website to deliver a comprehensive toolset  of member resources and services. In the process, they wanted a brand refresh to add an exciting new touch, while keeping a nod to the legacy Region 21 and Sweet Adelines International brands.


Design and creation of a beautifully branded, responsive website with a robust Member Resources dashboard. Inspired by a retro Palm Springs Road Trip vibe, the new look develops unique iconography to add personality to key areas within the region. The new site is robust and is able to present thoughtful, engaging content while also supporting transactions and administrative processes including online registration, chapter invoicing, creation and management of user profiles, and maintain multiple directories in support of choruses, quartets, directors and leadership teams.

In Collaboration With:

Nicknox Communications
Region 21 Golden West Logo

Brand Refresh

The introduction of a new Region 21 Golden West mark sets the tone for this brand refresh. Inspired by vintage vinyl and retro road signs, the exercise also included the creation of unique iconography for each state within Region 21.

Region 21 Brand

Reimagined Website

Website Mockup: Region 21 Golden West

The colorful site is a fun, retro web presence with nods to vintage Palm Springs and Route 66. This content-rich site features a reimagined message strategy from top to bottom, focusing on shorter, more readable ‘bytes’ of information to help users navigate with ease and find the resources and content they are looking for.

Chorus & Quartet Profiles

Region 21 wanted to enhance their ability to showcase the unique personalities of each chorus within their region. These pages serve as part promotional and part directory, making it easy to connect with and follow each chorus, watch past performances, learn about the director, past awards, affiliated quartets and more. This customized section features a smart CMS that only publishes populated content, allowing for ‘light’ or ‘robust’ profiles based on available content.

Mockup: Chorus Profile

Region 21 Legacy

This member-led nonprofit is volunteer driven, and requires a vast network of volunteers across all four states to support the region. Within Region 21 is the Region 21 Management Team, the Hall of Fame and Club 21, which celebrates past quartet champions and supports the Young Women in Harmony program. These sections were key in keeping a nod to the legacy Region 21 and Sweet Adelines International brands.

Member Resources

The primary engine of the Region 21 Site is the Member Resources. This site dashboard breaks down resources into a 12-section master index and makes it easy to locate and access. Access requires creation of a user account, which feeds into database-driven member, chorus, quartet and leadership directories. Users may manage their event registration and payments online.


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