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Conscious Discipline

Email Campaigns


Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based, trauma-informed provider of social and emotional learning and classroom management resources. Embraced in 73 countries and 22 languages, Conscious Discipline's core methodology is based on four essential components that are scientifically and practically designed for success.



Conscious Discipline needed to develop and introduce proactive channels to deliver content, resources and details about products and events.


Designed and introduced multi-channel opt-in email campaigns that present high-value bites of content and resources in beautifully branded, high-engagement formats.


Professional Development E-News

This monthly e-mail emphasized professional development opportunities from Conscious Discipline for teachers and administrators. The content strategy featured upcoming events,
E-Learning, Featured Premium Resources and an Industry Conference Schedule.

Featuring colorful, eye-catching GIFs the friendly and fun presentation was highly successful since launch, becoming a primary driver of event and e-Learning registration and premium resource utilization.


Product E-News

Dedicated exclusively to featuring products from the Conscious Discipline online store, this monthly email featured new, best-selling and most requested products in an engaging and easily scannable e-mail.


Conscious Discipline's monthly e-Newsletter is dedicated to featuring free content and resources for families, teachers and administrators. This email became a primary driver for podcasts and webinars, increased free resource utilization and raised awareness of audience specific content.

Event Announcements

Workshop and Event Emails

These dedicated promotional emails feature upcoming Conscious Discipline Institutes and Workshops as well as Industry Conferences. The highly engaging, graphic format makes it easy for readers to quickly scan details and make registration decisions.

Product Launch Announcements

Dedicated announcements offer a helpful and comprehensive overview of new digital and physical products from Conscious Discipline. By breaking down topical focus, format, presenters and pricing, these announcements help inform the decisions making process for schools and educators.

E-Course Announcement

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