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For the Love of Pixar : Sweet Emotions

Environmental Design


For the Love of Pixar: Sweet Emotions was a 2016 art installation and corresponding blog designed to celebrate the Pixar film Inside Out and mobilize artists as a creative force for social good. The installation promoted artists of all ages and benefited Ocean Beach Elementary School, Give Clean Water and Krochet Kids, Intl. The vision of show organizers was to feature artists of all ages and work inspired by the Pixar film Inside Out. The weekend exhibit featured 200+ entries featuring 150 artists from England, Spain, Mexico, the Philippines and across the U.S. - including the work of 90+ children from the Page Private School in Costa Mesa, CA and Newbreak Playschool in San Diego.


Conceptualize and execute environmental, signage and promotional elements supporting the 2016 installation For the Love of Pixar: Sweet Emotions. The spirit of the show experience was intended to create a dynamic, expressive canvas that brought the Pixar film Inside Out to life and engaged visitors in the overall experience and individual works of art. 


Created a completely unique environment in the support of the For the Love of Pixar: Sweet Emotions installation that invited visitors to step into the world of Pixar's Inside Out. From arrival to departure, we utilized diverse mediums such as lighting, queue management and constructed environments to bring elements of the film to life and tie to the theme of each artist's work. Constructed elements consisted of Headquarters Command Station, Bing Bong's Wagon, Train of Thought's Cargo, Abstract Thought's Shortcut, Mind Manual Bookshelf and Mind Newspapers. Interactive guest stations featured an Emotional Selfie Wall and the Draw Your Imaginary Friend station.

In Collaboration With:

SD Popup Art

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from Disney fan artist Marilyn Rose Ortega

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