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Let's Get Trashed

Art Experience


Let's Get Trashed was a 2018 Art Experience developed in collaboration with San Diego artist Mel Clarkston and multiple local businesses including Blank Slate Studio, Culture Brewing and Newbreak Church. The vision of the project was to raise awareness of the impacts of pollution and beach trash in coastal San Diego communities. 


Let's Get Trashed required unique creative assets in multiple formats that engaged viewers with the visual WOW of the art experience. The success of this project hinged on the ability to visually simplify a complex message introducing an interactive art experience encompassing multiple events. 


Designed and executed a multi-touch campaign to engage local communities with the vision and mission of the art experience and present them with opportunities to engage and participate. The series began with a community beach cleanup day to collect, clean and sort materials. The second phase of Let's Get Trashed featured three interactive, hands-on workshops guided by local artist Mel Clarkson where participants transformed beach trash into personalized works of art.

In Collaboration With:

SD Popup Art
Blank Slate Salon + Gallery

Step 1: Get the Word Out 

Let's Get Trashed
Let's Get Trashed Website
Let's Get Trashed Poster
Let's Get Trashed Poster
Let's Get Trashed Rave Card Front
Let's Get Trashed Rave Card Back

Step 2: Clean the Beach 

Step 3: Turn That Trash Into Art

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